3 Ways to Join Granny Squares There are many ways to join the grannies. How to Join Granny Squares – Single Crochet Method. Patterns may have different instructions, so you will want to make sure you understand how the pattern wants you to join. Option 1: Yarn needle and whipstitch. Use these when you have small granny squares that you will be connecting to each other to make a new project. These methods can be used for any granny square pattern. A shell consists of three double crochets together in the same space. I like to crochet this join in a contrasting color to my squares so those little “stitches” stand out. Here is a method for joining granny squares. In the video I discuss the pros and cons of each method. For my puff stitch, I like to surround it with half double crochet stitches on either side in my granny stitch projects. Home CROCHET 12 Ways How to Join Granny Squares Crochet Patterns Free. Watch the Video Read More. Insert the Crochet Hook . 1. 0. How do you join crochet squares? Its just the way that appeals to me, although many of my hooking buddies prefer the stitching method. Below you will find a photo tutorial as well as a video tutorial on how to join granny squares. Please Note: To join the squares using the zipper method, you will place the squares side by side, instead of on top of each other. How To posted by yarnyrobin. Joining New Yarn With A Slip Stitch & Joining Granny Squares With The Puff Stitch. Feb 4, 2019 - Crochet Tutorial on Connecting Squares using Double Crochet. Double crochet into the ring. You will find the video at the end of this post. 8 Crochet Methods for Joining Square Motifs. Whether you're joining granny squares or other crochet motifs, these joining methods will expand what you can create. This tutorial is aimed at those who have at least some moderate experience with crochet. Watch the tutorial for Tight Braid Join. This is a highly requested tutorial, so I decided to share and teach the 3 best ways (in my humble opinion). Several granny squares (double crochet, working in the round, color changes) are made individually, then joined together using a variety of color combinations in Caron Simply Soft. It's bulkier than many of the other joining methods; that can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your objectives. This video demonstrates how to use the surface slip stitch join on 4 squares so you can see how they all go together. It gives flat yet clearly defined vertical and horizontal lines that frame up the squares. I made them in 2006, so I found myself 8 years later wondering where they could be. The exact type of join used can give different looks to the finished project. Normally, your next step would be to chain 1, and then work your next cluster, but when using this joining technique, we don’t chain 1. Facebook. ways. Slip stitch edging. many. The seam really is invisible! You can always join with a slip stitch, single crochets (like I did for my sunburst pillow), or whip stitches… but this tutorial will show you how to connect granny squares using the join-as-you-go technique. Jul 24, 2017 - How to join together crochet motifs and granny squares using mattress stitch or invisible join. Double crochet into the ring again. Below is my photo tutorial for the methods I use to join new yarn and joining granny squares. Its just the way that appeals to me, although many of my hooking buddies prefer the stitching method. See more ideas about crochet techniques, crochet tutorial, crochet. And it’s easy! This flat slip-stitch granny square join is the joining method I used on the Sunburst Granny Square Blanket (see picture below). If you use the same color as the last round of your granny squares to join with, those little stitches blend in and make it look like a tiny braid. There is always the same question, when you finished the square, how to join them together. Via Moogly. Share. There are four main ways of using double crochet (US sc) to join squares together: Joined from front (squares held wrong side together) - Double crochet's (US sc's) through back loops only. Mar 21, 2018 - Instructions on how to join two granny stitch squares using the double crochet join. This set of stitches is the first "shell" of the granny square. Now working into your current square as normal, work 3 double crochets into the same chain space to complete your corner. JOINING GRANNY SQUARES There are a multitude of ways of joining granny squares to make them into many different items such as blankets, scarves, cardigans and bags. So let's get started! Personally, I prefer this to whip stitching — way less ends to weave! Please note that the chain of 3 takes the place of a double crochet. Technically, it would be possible to join the squares from the right side of the work, but the asymmetry won't be noticeable from the wrong side, whereas it would be on the front. When you place the squares side by side like this, the v’s formed by the stitches of the last row/round of each square will be parallel to each other. Dec 11, 2020 - Explore Catherine Rifkin's board "Crochet Joining Techniques", followed by 1274 people on Pinterest. [Update March 31, 2015: If you are interested in the solid granny square crochet … These crochet edgings all have flat edges, which allows you to easily join one motif to the next. The granny square is the classic crochet motif so it's a great one for practicing the join-as-you-go crochet technique. The invisible seam stitch is an excellent way to join your afghan blocks together. So I make hdc, hdc5tog (puff stitch), hdc into every space around, and no chain 1. The single crochet join is an easy and effective way to crochet squares or other pieces together. to join crochet squares and afghan blocks! Here's one wayto do it. Here is what you end up with: The blue is one continuous piece holding the 4 separate orange squares together. Connect the bottom square to the top square by making three double stitches (double crochets) in the open corner of the bottom square. First things first, using this method you will always have 3 rows between your squares, you can see three blue rows between the orange.