Download the app today! Product Repair. Plus its a hell of a lot cheaper. Convert your factory CarPlay to wireless and skip plugging in your phone when you get in! Hyundai/Kia has a decent track record of implementing software updates when the underlying hardware supports it, having rolled out wired CarPlay/AA in 2016/17 for a number earlier models via software update. Brostjoe likes this. Not quite sure what difference it will make but always like to keep updated. The phone reads that and lets you know if there is an update (which there was) and I clicked on the 'Update now' button and 20 seconds later it was done!. 11/05/2020. My devise showed latest software so I went back to the website for Cplay2air and noticed the 24/7 technical help advertisement. Maybe larger ones will work. The instruction leaflet has a QR code on it. Just received a CPLAY2air in the post today for $129.95 US. I use an older 4GB USB 2.0 drive and I've been using it for every firmware update I flashed with success each time. Had CPLAY2AIR actually had some 1 and 2 star reviews, I probably would have purchased one, but because they partake in this shady practice, they will never get my money. 2. I have now done the update for the firmware. Supported vehicles Acura 2017-2020 Alfa Romeo 2018-2020 Audi 2017-2020 Bentley 2017-2020 Borgward 2017-2019 Buick 2017-2019 Cadillac 2016-2020 Chevrolet 2016-2020 Chrysler 2017-2019 Citroen 2016-2019 Dodge 2017-2019 Ferrari 2016- plugged it into my ram and checked for a software update and there was one! ... We were waiting to see what the new update would do, or if it would cause any problems on release. pbandnv, Jun 11, 2020 #47. 1. The CPLAY2air device tricks the car, via the cellphone compartment USB device, to think a real iPhone is plugged in. Support by Sony App. Reactions: JohnC12. It would not pair to my phone so I went back into the house to attempt to read the crappy instruction book which had me check for a firmware update. I recommend buying from Amazon as the guy who posted the above recommends due to the issues I had with Cplay2air version and returns if needed. Repair information and service assistance. I corresponded with CARPLAY2air several times about my problems, and they told me to update the firmware. Just wish there were a few more CarPlay-compatible apps. Use a small capacity USB flash drive, USB 2.0 if possible. Firmware update to version 1.12 Release Date: 11/05/2020. So, buyer, beware! ... including a firmware update that was supposed to fix the problem. We'll report back if it gets crappy. Side note, I've tried the CPLAY2AIR adapter - doesn't work or fit well. Thanks! When told this, they told me it is NOT compatible with the Ridgeline. Update on May 29. Contact … updated the dongle andit now work perfectly in the volt 2019 with infotainment 3! Get notifications about the latest firmware updates, product alerts, and more. ... Did an update of the firmware by connecting and then entering in Safari and it updates the firmware to the latest version in about a minute. That was easy!! Maybe USB 3.0 ones will work, but IMHO a small USB 2.0 drive is the least risky. (£98 including postage). After doing that, the device has become essentially unusable. Format that USB flash drive as FAT/FAT16/FAT32. I have the CPlay2air model I received an email yesterday form them yesterday saying that all new orders ship with latest firmware. So, if you have one, you may not want to update it. The CarPlay2Air CPlay2Air adapter.