Cray was initially believed to be Ray Palmer in disguise by members of the team. After DC Rebirth, Captain Atom is restored to his Post-Crisis powers. Captain Atom is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Seizing the opportunity at hand, Eiling uses the outstanding murder/treason charges against Adam to blackmail him into acting as a military-controlled, government-sanctioned superhero codenamed Captain Atom. Adam teaches Ryan how to play rugby and video games. [29], In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. 1940). In Arena' s conclusion, Monarch reveals that Breach is his brainwashed accomplice and that he has lured his 51 counterparts in order to murder them and absorb their power. List Price: $19.99: Price: $16.80 + $5.22 shipping: You Save: $3.19 (16%) This fits your . Thompson was succeeded by his son, who was killed by the Tangent Comics version of the Fatal Five, and a grandson named Adam, who, in Tangent: Superman's Reign, is being held captive by Superman. No explanation is given for his return to his original appearance, his whereabouts since Countdown to Final Crisis, or why he has reverted to his heroic persona rather than that of the conquest-seeking Monarch. Man in the Ion Mask - William Jameson is a man who uses an ionic ray in which anyone in the vicinity of him would be temporarily paralyzed so that he can rob them. Around this time, various stories reintroduce Atom's conflict between his role in the superhero community and his responsibilities as a government agent. [24], Captain Atom shares with the group that when he absorbed a nuclear bomb Max had set off, he found himself thrown through time to the future of 24th century, an Earth that had fallen into chaos through metahuman wars and backward in technology. Without packaging. In "The Roast", the Atom (played by Alfie Wise) is engaged to marry villainess Giganta (played by actress A'leshia Brevard). Shipped with USPS First Class Mail. [40] A famous physicist and former C.I.A operative, turned dangerous cult leader and quantum powered supervillain called 'The Ghost' theorized that properties hardened and honed by such a device undergo a form of mantling taking on properties very similar to the extra-dimensional biometal belonging to the Silver Shield entity. [1] The second Atom was the Silver Age Atom, Ray Palmer, who first appeared in 1961. M'nagalah - A shapeless alien life form who was an old enemy of. Originally, his size and molecular density abilities derived from the white dwarf star material of his costume, controlled by mechanisms in his belt, and later by controls in the palms of his gloves. In the last panel of Countdown #45, Monarch is shown observing Forerunner. Captain Atom has appeared in several animated television and film adaptations of Justice League and other DC storylines since the mid-2000s, where he is depicted as a powerful member of the Justice League whose abilities place him roughly on par with the franchise's flagship character Superman. Ryan Choi, as described by DC solicitations, is "a young hotshot professor who's filling the extra spot on Ivy University's teaching staff. [31], In the new reality, Nathaniel Adam has been only Captain Atom for a few months and is still exploring his abilities, constantly learning new facets to them such as his ability to perceive wireless transmissions from cell phones and computers. During an encounter with Max at the Justice League's former New York headquarters, Captain Atom is rendered unconscious alongside Fire, Ice, and Booster Gold. Please see item description for more information. He was capable of storing enough energy, that upon its release, was capable of wiping all life from the alternate Earth 51 – except for its Monitor and a single plant. He is later murdered by Deathstroke and his Titans. The character's origin had Adam working as a technician in a special experimental rocket when it accidentally launched with him trapped inside. Albert "Al" Pratt was born in 1920, though his birth parents nor place of birth have yet to be revealed. Due to a miscommunication, cover artist Ariel Olivetti did not make Atom look very Asian in the first draft of the cover, so a whole bunch of promo art went out with the wrong face. [20] Mon-El appears and helps Captain Atom escape, taking him to the Justice League's satellite, where the League members declare that they are going to bring him to justice for his actions as Monarch. He first meets Ryan when he walks into their dorm with heavy luggage and kindly introduces himself. Review Subject Required. His body maintains integrity by instantly re-merging these atoms, but extreme use of his powers can interfere with this process and cause Captain Atom's form to become unstable. Atom found a woman elderly and grotesque, who turned out to be an aged Power Girl, telling him it was Maxwell Lord who was responsible for all of this. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for The Atom #3 DC Comics November 1962 First Appearance of Chronos Deal! The League reminds him he was a hero who once saved the planet. [23] Afterwards, Captain Atom discovers that Max has mentally influenced the US army into believing that he had betrayed them. In the Charlton Comics continuity, he was a scientist named Allen Adam and gained his abilities by accident when he was seemingly "atomized" and then his body reformed, now existing as an atomic-powered being. Plastique has reappeared in 2006 as a villainess again, undoing her reformation into a heroine. Strangely, he still had some glowing patches throughout his body. In a 2005 issue of Superman/Batman it is made clear that Captain Atom survived the collision with the Kryptonite meteor, but has absorbed massive amounts of radiation and become a super villain described as a "Kryptonite Man." discipline. Ray Palmer was a research scientist in Ivy Town when a meteorite landed nearby. Stranded, he searches this universe for remnants of the one he lost, in time taking the name the Atom and joining the Justice Legion Alpha when he helped them defeat the Bizarro-Legion. Each additional attack grants you a Molecular Charge. Because of the nearly invulnerable nature of the alien metal discovered, the scientists needed some way to cut it in order to perform experiments. [4], The Atom introduced during the Silver Age of comic books in Showcase #34 (1961) is physicist and university professor Raymond Palmer, Ph.D. (He was named for real-life science fiction writer Raymond A. Palmer, who was himself quite short.) Another Atom from the 853rd Century first appeared as part of Justice Legion Alpha in August 1999.[2]. On more than one occasion, he has used his ability to manipulate all forms of energy to prevent a foe using their own powers, such as the Ray and Firestorm. He died in the charge against Extant during the Zero Hour. The actual Charlton characters made their first reappearance in DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths, which introduced Earth-Four as the native reality of Captain Atom and the world where all the Charlton Comics adventures had taken place. This leads to a fear that at some point Captain Atom's brain might lose its molecular stability and he won't be able to fix it before it impairs his consciousness or causes him to suffer some form of brain death. Palmer intended to use Cray to uncover a shadowy government cabal who were using Palmer to discover the secret identities of other costumed heroes (Palmer's own identity no longer being secret). The names of the characters and the team are not mentioned in the panel in which they appear, but the Atom is visually similar to the Al Pratt Atom. Gestalt - A group of elite scientific thinkers. 41 N Scale Maintenance of Way Truck Kit for Model Train Showcase Miniatures, Lego Boot Rumpf Boote zum aussuchen #. Project Breach refers to his capture and brainwashing into a weapon (with Lane wanting to stress the similarities between Adam and Tim Zanetti) or Planet Breaker. Hailed as a warrior savior from the sky, he has no choice but to stay and fight the evil Bromis and his min. The alien metal, now bonded around his body, afforded him incredible abilities far beyond that of a mere mortal. In 2003, he again teams up with several former members of the Justice League as the "Super Buddies" in the humorous limited series Formerly Known as the Justice League. After retiring from his heroic life, he embarked on a … The fourth Atom, Ryan Choi, debuted in a new Atom series in August 2006. In the Post-Crisis DC Comics Universe, Captain Atom's Dilustel skin is tied into the Quantum Field, which enables him to absorb and manipulate theoretically infinite amounts of energy, limited by only his willpower and imagination. However, during a fight with Megala, who had taken control of Firestorm's body, Atom is forced to absorb a massive amount of energy released which splits his molecules apart into the timestream. Apart from a brief mention of her at the beginning of L.A.W., the marriage appears to be forgotten. In the new reality, Adam volunteers to participate in an experiment conducted by a research facility called the Continuum. Mistaken by the local superheroes as the force destined to destroy their universe, he is in fact an instrument used ultimately by Nikola Hanssen, new host for half the essence of the Void, to reclaim her whole power (partially lodged in his own body, and cause of his altered appearance) and use it to trigger the reboot of the WildStorm universe, in the WorldStorm event. Finding him became a major theme of the Countdown year-long series and crossover event.[4]. Some of the money Perry made was split between the donation to the Policeman's Ball and to Perry and his impoverished mother. Thus new characters, inspired by the Charlton originals were used instead. Adam had been framed for a crime and was, under military justice, condemned to death; this taking place under the purview of Col. Wade Eiling in the year 1968. Atom and Hawkman discovered that this was the evil side of Johnny Burns that manifested due to an exposure to the Photonoscope and a device that Ray Palmer was analyzing which affected his mother who worked as Ivy University's cleaning lady. However, this would render the characters unusable for future stories. Have yours appraised if you own them. Adam Cray, son of the murdered Senator Joseph Cray, first appeared as the Atom in the pages of Suicide Squad #44 by John Ostrander (August 1990). Prior to Ray Palmer's trip to the Amazon Jungle, he learns his wife Jean Loring has had an affair with her colleague, Paul Hoben. He was taken prisoner by Lex Luthor and made to live in one of his own petri dishes for a period of years until his rescue by Catgirl. The process is exhausting and the period he can interact in the future appears to be limited to a few minutes before he returns to the present. [50] Fortunately, General Adam takes Booster Gold back to the base for interrogation, allowing Booster Gold to escape when the sight of "Project Superman" causes Project Six's true personality to resurface again with the damage caused by the attack, causing the ceiling to collapse on General Adam, who is knocked unconscious.[51]. One night after killing two cops, they are cornered on the roof of S.T.A.R. [6] Adam is apparently destroyed by the Manhunter's self-destruct mechanism, unleashing an explosion of Green Lantern energy that eradicates the Black Lanterns.[7]. For other uses, see, "Atomica" redirects here. General Adam controls the body and physical actions of Project Six's body, using it to attack Booster Gold, believing him to be an Atlantean threat. He debuted in the Brave New World one-shot, a preview of projects, and then appeared in the series, The All-New Atom, written by Gail Simone. In Earth-4 of the DC Multiverse, Captain Atom's counterpart, Captain Adam, known as the Quantum Superman, is shown to exist. Unknown to him, Wonder Woman is in close pursuit, so when he does detonate outside the atmosphere the shockwave hits her directly and leaves her in a coma. [38] Adam also has strong survival instincts derived from his experiences during the Vietnam War. [8] This new Atom is based on a redesign by Grant Morrison. Captain Atom was canceled as of #57 in 1991 because Atom was slated to become the hero-turned-villain Monarch in DC's Armageddon 2001 crossover event; however, when word of this leaked out, DC changed the ending at the last minute. Captain Atom realizes Magog's spear is about to explode with energy. Series 4 was released in April (maybe) of 2007, and it featured the Atom, fancy hair and shoulder pad Aquaman, sharp and pointy monster Blue Beetle, Warlord (sure), and extremely miffed J'onn J'onzz. Originally, these Charlton characters were to be reintroduced in writer Alan Moore's limited series Watchmen. A year later, Captain Atom is revealed to be contained inside Blüdhaven and used to administer radiation treatments to metahumans. [4] Over the years, DC has attempted to reinvent the character several times. In the case of involuntary quantum jumping, he is typically shown as being stuck in the time-stream for as long as it takes his body to process any absorbed energy. Lady Chronos - A Chinese woman who came across Chronos' research. When the plan to distract Superman goes awry, Captain Atom fights Superman to protect the others, bringing the Man of Steel to a standstill where he admits he was chosen by the government to kill Superman should he go rogue. The last appearance of this Charlton-era Captain Atom was in DC Comics Presents #90 (February 1986). Seeming to be mentally unstable, he breaks free, apparently kills the rampaging Major Force, and then releases a vast amount of energy, obliterating what was left of Blüdhaven. He can also absorb massive amounts of energy. The Atom appeared in the 1997 live action TV series pilot, Ray Palmer first appeared as a recurring character in, Routh also appears as Ray in the spin-off series, Routh also reprised his role for a minor appearance in the animated web series, The Ryan Choi version of the Atom appears in the series, An alternate universe version of Ray Palmer appears in, The Ryan Choi version of the Atom appears in the film, The Ray Palmer incarnation of the Atom appears as a playable character in, The Atom (Ryan Choi) is a DLC character in, This page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at 00:29. After waking up, his powers were restored, although more similar to his Post-Crisis abilities, and his appearance changed into a body covered in purple-ish liquid metal that he can remove at will. Grateful, Morgan ma… 3 #1 (March 1987) Created by: Allen Joe Gill (writer) Steve Ditko (artist) Nathaniel Cary Bates (writer) Pat Broderick (artist) In-story information; Alter ego: Allen Adam Nathaniel Christopher Adam: Team affiliations (Both) United States Air Force (Nathaniel) [56] The first hero in the Tangent timeline, he inadvertently caused the Cuban Missile Crisis to escalate into a limited nuclear exchange that obliterated Florida and Cuba in 1962, unknown to his fellow Americans. The Showcases are in great shape, having been VERY carefully read once and then shelved in the smoke-free home of a life long comic collector. The government gave him a new name (Colonel Cameron Scott) and a new cover story. He quickly gets into a fight with an overzealous Mister Majestic and the fight ends with Majestic soundly defeated. The Silver Age Captain Atom appears in the sequel The Kingdom: Planet Krypton #1 as one of the "ghosts" in the empty "Planet Krypton" restaurant. . Excessive or intense use of his abilities has resulted in Captain Atom temporarily losing his own molecular stability. Just before this occurred, Captain Atom grabbed Max and threatened to pull him into the time stream as well, unless Max undid the global mindwipe of his existence. Doctor Heinrich Megala, one of the lead researchers of the Project; developed a device that would make the molecular lattices of an object knit together in such a way that it became superdense and compact. Big Ben - The Big Gang's timing specialist. The ruse ended, Palmer explains himself to the Justice League, who had been searching for him, after hearing rumors of a new Atom. They were manipulated by a crook named Eddie Gordon until he was defeated by Atom. His New 52 powers have seemingly disappeared. Early conflicts involve him coming to terms with the lost time he missed with his now grown children, the death of his wife, her marriage to Eiling, and the overall ramifications of his newly acquired powers. Once transformed, the object would then be able to cut through virtually any material, including the Dilustel (quantum metal) skin of the Silver Shield which was used to empower Captain Atom, Major Force, and Bombshell. Captain Atom was created by writer Joe Gill and artist/co-writer Steve Ditko, and first appeared in Space Adventures #33 (March 1960). Breaking through it causes Captain Atom to Quantum Jump as if he has absorbed too much energy. Later, Palmer offers his blessing to the couple when they marry, and he offers Hoben his size-changing belt so that Hoben can protect Ivy Town after Ray returns to the Morlaidhans. Waiting - A microscopic race who have their cities on the back of dogs. [35] As part of his duties, he had interacted with members of the Legion of Super-Heroes stranded in the past, in Legion Lost, along with his subordinates Agent Jocelyn Lure and Agent Yera Allon.