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It is unknown as the story doesn't go as far into the future as that. Albus has untidy black hair that is well known in the Potter family line.Albus cares very much about his appearance , often gelling his hair neatly in an attempt to control his untidy hair. Albus being a jerk to Vi after his wife leaves. Four years into their marraige Skylar becomes pregnant with the pairs first child Alexis Potter . What is the rhythm tempo of the song sa ugoy ng duyan? :"I won't! ... We do know that it was a relatively short time after the War concluded that the two did marry. Rose and Albus met on August 27,2006 Albus birthday. From 2017 to 2024 he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Slytherin house.Albus is the younger brother to James Sirius Potter and the older brother to Lily Luna Potter. To learn more about there relationship Albus and Adelena. They had three children: James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. When they think back to these times, a memory of an old game called Kiss, Marry, Kill may come to mind. The pair is so close that often people mistaken them for a couple.Rose and Albus both often believe that they know what is best for the other and tend to be picky about the others signaifigant other. He inherited Harry's irrational and childish fear of being sorted into Slytherin house, exhibited by Harry during his own sorting in 1991. Harry is the more understanding parent between the too and will often listen to his children's reasoning before punishing them. ----- Our mission is informing people properly. "-Taken by Lily, "Looks like it was Albus' nap time to. He also inherited the paternal line of curiosity, showing an interest in his father's fame and past. In 2014, James, along with his family, attended the finale of the Quidditch World Cup in the Patagonian Desert. Albus is the only Potter child to inherit his grandmother's and father's bright green, almond-shaped eyes. Dominique Weasley and Louis Weasley's birthday parties and sometimes Holiday parties. ", Albus : "I learned in thie life that tradegies happen,what are you going to do give up, quite, no . How much money does The Great American Ball Park make during one game? Harry and Ginny are both very protective and loving parents. Lily is around two years younger than Albus, who is at least a year younger than James. It is unknown as the story doesn't go as far into the future as Albus Potter is close to the appearance of his father, Harry Potter. What is the denotative and connotative meaning of clouds? Mavis and Albus have know each other since childhood as the pairs families are close friends. Scorpius: "Albus, do you know you're bleeding. ", Albus resting on the beach.-Taken by Albus, Play time at Scorpius party with Rose and Niko. "Nothing Scorpius! They get married in December. Over the winter break Albus proposes to Adelena after only briefly dating. In Slytherin.’ You better believe it. In response, his father told him that the bravest man he ever knew — Severus Snape, whom Albus was named after — had been a Slytherin. James was seen going to Hogwarts on 1february , 2017 with his brother Albus, who was just starting his first year. "Albus honey be careful." Copyright © 2021 Multiply Media, LLC. They certainly didn't condone what Albus and Scorpius did, but they didn't punish them either. Is green skull in the pirate bay is good? "Albus make a funny face." Does harry styles have a private Instagram account? This Harry potter personality quiz will figure out which wizard from the Harry Potter series you would be destined to marry. Accidentally in love James Potter Lily Evans, https://harry-potter-mischief.fandom.com/wiki/Albus_Potter?oldid=22241. In 2023 school year Albus follows in his brother's foot steps and becomes Head Boy along side ------as Head Girl. Harry Potter finds out that Albus Dumbledore is trying to force him to marry Ginny Weasley. Lily is the only sister to both James and Albus Potter. "-Taken by Lily, "Mavy who is a pretty girl.You are! Harry married Ginny Weasley. James and Albus later on get closer during their last few years at Hogwarts, even going on double dates with Mavis and Adelena respectivlely. On September, 2017, Albus left for his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry along with his cousin, Rose Weasley, as well as Scorpius Malfoy. There are known divorces in the wizarding world. The pair later on has a second child Savanna Potter. When James, Sirius, and Peter discovered that Remus is, in fact, a werewolf , the three of them illegally learned to become Animagi to accompany Remus safely during his transformations and keep him under control. Over time, the pair form a genuine friendship, as Scorpius looks out for Albus in Slytherin house and Albus teaches Scorpius to lighten up a little. "Fred I want to get married." Surprisingly, he meets up with and becomes friends with Scorpius Malfoy, Draco's son. Throughout the course of the pair's friendship they began to develop romantic feelings for one another and date. For those who don't remember, this was a game where a person would be given a choice of three things, people, or fictional characters and was responsible for choosing their fate. Albus met Scorpius after the sorting first year in the dorm room. " Shut up and just pose Albus." Albus took Scorpius kindness as friendship and started tagging along where ever Scorpius went. The pair starts out as enemies during their first year as Rose feel's threatened by Scorpius' new relationship with her cousin/best friend, Albus Potter. James Potter was married to Lily Evans. Lily Luna Potter was born to Harry and Ginevra Potter, as their youngest child and only daughter. Two years after Graduating from Hogwarts Albus and his wife Adelena become parents to a beautiful baby girl Alexis. What is the best way to fold a fitted sheet? Ginny's moto is lecture first and ask later. The pair often likes to joke with each other stating that they are secret lovers, this often annoys Albus brother James as he is in love with Mavis. Albus even attends Couldren Camp ever summer in hopes to have a career in Potions making .
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